terms and condition

  • We undertake to post our security personnel. Who will be in our uniform, at such posts and in such manner as mutually agreed upon to ensure the patrolling of the entire area of your establishment / Estate / Company Factory round the clock, checking exit / entry of personnel material and transport, to prevent pilferage loss, etc..with his well trained & experienced team is aware of the concerns of our respected clients regarding security system under the prevailing conditions in the nation.

  • Our Security staff shall maintain all registers and forms necessary for the efficient performance of duty.

  • Our security should be accommodated wither inside or very close to your establishment so that all of them would be available “on call” to meet any unforeseen situation / emergency.

  • Our security staff will take their day to day orders and instructions of security and make a brief on the subject to any other officer nominated by you.

  • We are associated with many renowned industrial and business establishments for their security guarding and staffing services.

  • Our security staff should not be deployed for any kind of job under your company without our consent, not only during the term of the agreement, but also for one year after termination of contract.

  • All the members of our security force shall be the employees of our security service only and not of your company to any extent..

  • In the event of theft or pilferage of the company’s materials or property, we will enquire and submit reports and actively assist you, if it is necessary to report such incidents to the police and follow up the same, it is referred to court of law and until the case is closed or discharges.

  • The following would be required to be provided by your establishment to assist us in our security.