Quality policy

  • MR. C ENGINEERS’ is committed to achieve the highest standards of quality within all its business activities and to maintain their continuous improvement. We have developed, implemented and maintain a quality management system based on the following principles:

  • Our Security staff shall maintain all registers and forms necessary for the efficient performance of duty.

  • A high focus on customer satisfaction when blasting and painting of customer equipment.

  • Awareness that the quality of the painted equipment depends on the effective and efficient control of the work through the various Surface Preparation and Protective Coating processes.

  • Reviewing of the company quality policy and quality objectives, annually.

  • Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction through regular contact and feedback.

  • Management of the company processes and resources in a planned, efficient and controlled manner.

  • The application of this policy is the responsibility of the senior management of ‘MR. C ENGINEERS’.

  • The following would be required to be provided by your establishment to assist us in our security.

  • Certified Inspectors:

    Our Inspectors understand the need to perform quality work that exceeds our client’s expectations. We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing our staff with support and up to date training enabling them to provide a comprehensive service ranging from In-house inspections to survey onsite inspections, ensuring that all works are completed in accordance with applicable standards and the specification. In addition, all Technicians are adequately trained to perform QC activities for their respective tasks.

    Standards & Compliance:

    Quality Control is not only operated by production, but is throughout our organisation, and deals with every aspect of a company's operation from Planning, Training through to Packing the final product, Transport and Marketing.